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What does that mean? To be one, ask one. It means that you must ask a Mason to become a Mason. For the most part Masons will not ask you and will never pressure you to join. The fraternity is only for those who choose it of their own free will, and are ambitious about their journey in Freemasonry. Freemasonry should be a lifelong journey of becoming the best man that you have the potential of being. 

Do not worry if you do not think you know a Mason. When you begin to express interest in Freemasonry, you will likely find that there will be one closer to you than you think.  You are also welcome to join us for dinner prior to our monthly stated business meeting. Dinner is served at 6:30 PM on the second Tuesday of each month. If you do choose to come by the lodge prior to the meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet many of the members of the Lodge.  All of these men will be happy to talk to you about the brotherhood,  and can provide you with a petition.  You may also write a letter requesting a petition through the mail or email (see the contact information in the footer of this page). If you have an interest in Freemasonry, or have already decided to become a better man, then ask for the petition and give it your best.

Meridian 47 Lodge Officers

Front Row, from left to right:

Senior Deacon: Steve Siebers

Treasurer:  Michael Yavno Sr. 

Senior Warden: Chris Burgess

Worshipful Master: Robert Mahar

Junior Warden: Robbie Swofford 

Secretary: Mark Smith, PM

Junior Deacon: Jason Gokei

Back Row, from left to right:

Senior Steward: Charles Campbell 

Junior Steward: Matthew Thompson

Marshal: Randal Vanek, PM

Chaplain: Don LeFave

Not in picture:

Tyler: Roger Muzzy Jr., PM

Member-At-Large: Hal Ford